OWL Representation of Matlab Structures

conndb: represents the structural and functional connectivity data, as setup in MATLAB. This is not a correctly done owl file, for structure visualization only!

Scripts to manipulate Matlab Structures

Since the matlab structure isn't equivalent to the database structure, the good news is that we can set up the database in any way that we like, and write scripts to import different structural fields wherever we like!

Browser Representations of MATLAB Data Structures

For each data structure, I created an HTML representation (that shows nesting, fields, and values), as well as the .m script which is the equivalent of having the structural varible spit out onto the page (you could copy paste all this into the prompt to immediately re-create any structure)! Since each paper has different result reports, I am including a subset below to show examples of types of imaging objects that are found within each one. You can open the ontology in Protege and look at examples of specific values for any fields in the html tables or m files below.