Longitudinal MRI Study of Infants at Risk for Autism (267 subjects)

Investigators: Joe Piven (Owner: Piven, Joseph) Description: Research data for the IBIS Autism project. Autism Centers of Excellence (ACE) Network is a collaborative effort by investigators at four clinical sites: University of North Carolina (UNC), University of Washington (UW), Washington University (WU), and Yale University; and one data coordinating center (DCC) at the Montreal Neurological Institute (MNI) to conduct a longitudinal MRI/DTI and behavioral study of infants at high risk for autism (i.e., siblings of autistic individuals) at 6, 12 and 24 months (m) of age. more

Neural Dissection of Hyperactivity/Inattention in Autism (134 subjects)

Investigators: Francisco Xavier Castellanos (Owner: Castellanos, Francisco) Description: This data collection is intended to contain neuroimaging and phenotypic and diagnostic data from approximately 100 children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, 50 children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and 50 typically developing children. more

Atypical Late Neurodevelopment in Autism (131 subjects)

Investigators: Janet E Lainhart, MD (Owner: Lainhart, Janet) Description: Longitudinal neuroimaging and neuropsychological study to understand how brain mechanisms and clinical phenotypes in autism are related. more

UCLA Sigman/Bookheimer ACE and ARRA (127 subjects)

Investigators: Sigman M, Geschwind D, Bookheimer S (Owner: Bookheimer, Susan) Description: ACE Projects: 1) PI Sigman - Infant Sibs. 2) PI Geschwind - Genetics. 3) PIs Dapretto & Bookheimer - Mirror neuron and imaging. 4) PI Kasari - Optimizing outcomes for toddlers. 5) PI McCracken - Understanding repetitive behaviors. ARRA: PI Bookheimer - Neural and Phenotypic Correlates of Autism Risk Genes more

Biological and Information Processing Mechanisms Underlying Autism (74 subjects)

Investigators: Nancy Minshew, M.D.Mark Strauss, Ph.D.Kevin Pelphrey, Ph.D.Marcel Just, Ph.D.Thomas Mitchell, Ph.D.Diane Williams, Ph.D. (Owner: Minshew, Nancy) Description: This center focuses on elucidating fundamental information processing and neurobiological mechanisms causing autism with studies of infant siblings, first-diagnosed toddlers, and groups of children, adolescents, and adults with and without autism. Project I: Development of Categorization & Facial Knowledge in Low & High Functioning Autism focuses on the earliest manifestations of autism and information processing mechanisms underlying social and cognitive symptoms. Project II: Disturbances of Affective Contact: Development of Brain Mechanisms for Emotion Processing focuses on how individuals with autism experience, understand and regulate emotion; genetic influences are also considered; Project III: Systems Connectivity & Brain Activation: Imaging Studies of Language & Perception focuses on delineating disturbances in functional brain connectivity underlying the impaired processing of information and innovative machine-learning studies of how the brain identifies and categorizes words. more

Identifying Brain-Based Biomarkers for ASD and their Biological Subtypes (64 subjects)

Investigators: Bradley S. Peterson (Owner: Peterson, Bradley) Description: This is a multi-modal brain imaging study of Autism Spectrum Disorders to define biomarkers and subtypes of the disorder. more

Autism Tissue Program (ATP) Brain Donor Listing (37 subjects)

Investigators: Jane Pickett Ph.D, ATP Director of Brain Resources and Data (Owner: Pickett, Rich) Description: This is a listing of brain donors, with GUIDs, that are within the Autism Tissue Program (ATP) database. The information in this collection is limited to just a few fields. Additional information is available to authorized researchers with ATP accounts through NDAR or ATPportal.org more


Investigators: Claudia Buss (Owner: Buss, Claudia) Description: demographics, DTI, T1, and T2 brain images for healthy 0-4 week old infants more

Cellular Density and Morphology in the Autistic Temporal Human Cerebral Cortex (23 subjects)

Investigators: Veronica Martínez Cerdeño (Owner: Martinez Cerdeño, Veronica) Description: This project will analyze the temporal lobe of 21 autistic postmortem human brains (diagnosed as autistic, not as other autism spectrum disorders) and the temporal lobe of 18 control postmortem human brains. The data obtained from this project will also serve as the basis for future studies focusing on the neuropathology and the imbalance excitation / inhibition of the autistic brain. more

UW_ACE_Proj2_EarlyConnections (20 subjects)

Investigators: Sara Webb (Bryan King) (Owner: Munson, Jeff) Description: Prospective study of infants siblings of chlidren with ASD more

Collaborative Programs of Excellence in Autism (CPEA) (20 subjects)

Investigators: Dawson, Geraldine; Loveland, Katherine; McMahon, William; Minshew, Nancy; Rodier, Patricia; Rogers, Sally; Sigman,Marian; Tager-Flusberg, Helen; Volkmar, Fred (Owner: Administrator, NDAR) Description: The CPEAs link 129 scientists from 23 universities in the United States, Canada, Britain, and five other countries, and more than 2,000 families of people with autism. The clinical data associated with the CPEAs are contained here. more

Impairments of Theory of Mind disrupt patterns of brain activity (11 subjects)

Investigators: Rebecca Saxe (Owner: Saxe, Rebecca) Description: Humans think constantly about one another¿s thoughts, for example, in order to communicate, to teach, to learn from, to cooperate with, to compete with, and to deceive one another. This ability to fluently infer what others are thinking is impaired in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), but the neural basis of this impairment is poorly understood. In particular, brain regions involved in thinking about other people¿s thoughts are not reliably smaller or less active in individuals with ASD. This proposal will test the possibility that it is not reduced magnitude of activity, but disorganization of the pattern of activity, in these brain regions which leads to social impairments in ASD. We will test these two hypotheses about the function of ToM regions in adults with ASD, in three key areas of ToM: understanding others¿ thoughts that are relevant for moral judgments (e.g. intentional vs accidental harm), for inferring emotions, and for effective communication. Since ASD is a developmental disorder, it is critical to understand the developmental trajectory of these brain regions as well as their end state. Consequently, we will also test these hypotheses in children aged 5-12 years. We will also test whether the selectivity or pattern of activation in ToM brain regions changes over development. more

Gross morphological correlates to the minicolumnopathy of autism (ATP postmortem MRI) (7 subjects)

Investigators: Manuel Casanova (Owner: Casanova, Manuel) Description: Proton density weighted scans of fixed, postmortem brain tissue more

Synaptic A-to-I RNA editing in autistic and neurotypical cerebella (5 subjects)

Investigators: Louis Kunkel (Owner: Eran, Alal) Description: Ultradeep 454 and Illumina sequencing of cDNA from postmortem cerebella of individuals with ASD and matched neurotypical controls more

EARLI Data - Routine Biannual Submissions (2 subjects)

Investigators: Craig Newschaffer (Owner: Newschaffer, Craig) Description: Descriptive data for EARLI (probands and sibling) ADOS, Vineland, SRS, SCQ more

UIC ACE: Translational Studies of Insistence on Sameness in Autism (2 subjects)

Investigators: Ed Cook (Owner: Guter, Stephen) Description: Phenotypic, imaging, and genomic data from the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) Autism Center of Excellence. The UIC study has 3 projects: 1) Genetics of Serotonin in Autism which examines serotonin-related genes for association with autism and with IS; 2) Translational Studies of Cognitive, Affective and Neurochemical Processes Underlying Insistence on Sameness in Autism utilizes imaging and animal models; and, 3) The Pharmacogenetics of Treatment for Insistence on Sameness in Autism which is attempting to replicate as well as extend a preliminary study of escitalopram treatment of IS related irritability in Autism Spectrum Disorders. more

UW_ACE_Proj1_Extended_Family_Study (2 subjects)

Investigators: Ellen Wijsman (Bryan King) (Owner: Munson, Jeff) Description: Data collection to extend the pedigrees of multiplex families who have participated in previous genetics studies at UW more

Genomic Identification of Autism Loci (2 subjects)

Investigators: Evan E Eichler (Owner: Eichler, Evan ) Description: The goal of this grant is to use a targeted approach to identify the genes responsible for autism. Three different approaches were put forward to focus on genomic regions associated with autism, each was a dedicated specific aim. more

Intensive Intervention for Toddlers With Autism (EARLY STEPS) (1 subjects)

Investigators: Sally J. Rogers (Owner: Rogers, Sally) Description: A Multi-Site Randomized Study of Intensive Treatment for Toddlers with Autism more

UCSD ACE Behavioral Data (1 subjects)

Investigators: Eric Courchesne, Karen Pierce and others. (Owner: Ahrens-Barbeau, Clelia) Description: Behavioral data from the UCSD Autism Center of Excellence. This first data deposit will include Mullen Scales of Early Learning Scores from infants ages 12-36 months who are part of the ACE. Infants represent those at risk for an ASD, language delay (LD) and developmental delay (DD). Normal control data will be deposited as well. more

NIMH Genetics (1 subjects)

Investigators: NIMH Genetics (Owner: Novikova, Svetlana) Description: NIMH Genetics Summary Information more

Computer Adaptive Testing of Adaptive Behavior of Children and Youth with Autism (1 subjects)

Investigators: Wendy Coster, PhD (Owner: Coster, Wendy) Description: The PEDI-CAT (ASD) will facilitate significant advances in ASD research and clinical services by providing a brief but precise, psychometrically sound assessment of daily function in home and community. The instrument will greatly improve the quality of information obtained on the adaptive behavior of children and youth with ASD and make possible more sensitive tracking of changes in this critical outcome across childhood and adolescence. more

Genomic Profiling and Functional Mutation Analysis in Autism Spectrum Disorders (1 subjects)

Investigators: Matthew State (Owner: Navidi, Gretchen) Description: This proposal is in response to a request for applications to address "Genomic Profiling of Mental Disorders", and proposes intensive genomic profiling and functional analysis of Contactin Associated Protein 2 (CNTNAP2) as well as the presynaptic cytomatrix protein Piccolo (PCLO), in an effort to clarify their roles in Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). In addition, the application proposes to deeply sequence genes in the Contactin and Contactin Associated pathways, as well as genes coding for proteins known to interact with PCLO.