ViewsFlash is a survey solution provided by Cogix that used to be provided at Duke for survey administration. ViewsFlash was replaced by Qualtrics, a far better solution, however I would like to include documentation about ViewsFlash for anyone looking for it!

Invite Lists

You can create a custom “invite list” of participants that are allowed to take your surveys by doing the following:

To prepare a questionnaire for administering to participants

Branching for YES/NO Questions

If you want to jump around depending on the response that a user provides, you must put a page break directly after the question, and the Script box should read “Script when=after” - this means that the code is executed after the user has filled in his/her choice and pressed “Next”

For the actual script content, you DON’T want to write

if (A2a == "NO"){

A boolean statement expects an integer, and “NO” is a string.

The code that we want to use for all the boolean statements is as follows:

if (isin (A1a, "NO")) { 

the “isin” method basically looks at the specified question, the first argument, (A1a in this case) and is true if the string “NO” is listed as an answer.

For more details refer to the code and where it says “Action, such as scripts” click on “Explain” next to it. If you scroll down to “Utility Functions” it gives all the nitty gritty details. The notes above were written in late 2009, and could very likely no longer be applicable, if Cogix has improved or changed their software!