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Hi, I'm VanessaSaurus, a Software Engineer.
Building tools, containers, and cloudy things, with a penchant for Python and parsnips. -- about me


Windows Extraction with Singularity Today one of my colleagues hit an infinite loop when a support technician required the extraction of (Linux) drivers from an .exe file. The convseration went something like this, and I have a feeling many administrators have “been here.” But... Read more

The Scientific Filesystem Container Builder In this post, I’m going to talk about the Scientific Filesystem Container Builder, a template for researchers to use to make it easy to distribute reproducible, tested research software. Yes, that means a workflow of: build --> test --> deploy... Read more

Open Source Datasets with Kaggle Data sharing is hard, but we all know that there is great potential for discovery and reward [1]. A typical “sharing operation” might look like passing around a portable drive, putting compressed archives on some university or cloud server, or... Read more

Large Uploads with Django+Nginx Upload Module Do you ever struggle with something, akin to a blueberry muffin that is slowly being squished in a 10 year old’s lunch box (and he’s gone out to recess and left it in the sun), but then figure it out... Read more