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Hi, I'm VanessaSaurus, a Software Engineer.
Building tools, containers, and cloudy things, with a penchant for Python and parsnips. -- about me


Visualize Containers with Github Actions Container introspection is hard. When you have a container binary, or a Dockerfile on Github, how do you see it? You might know a little bit about the base operating system and have access to see some of the files... Read more

The Job Maker Container Long ago, in 2017 when I was a younger dinosaur, I created the Job Maker. The Job Maker serves a simple goal - to parse a high performance computing cluster SLURM configuration file (a file usually publicly available for nodes... Read more

CircleCI Docker Build with Programmatic Tag I’m starting to get the hang of using CircleCI Orbs as recipe templates for my continuous integration. If you want to publish a container to Docker Hub, I want to quickly share how I used the docker-publish Orb and some... Read more

Deploy a Minio Singularity Container Registry Happy New Year container monkeys! We are only three days in, so I think it’s still okay for me to say that. Today I’m going to share with you an easy, open source solution for sharing your containers using a... Read more