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Hi, I'm VanessaSaurus, a Software Engineer.
Building tools, containers, and cloudy things, with a penchant for Python and parsnips. -- about me


Reaching out for Roadmaps Language is vibrant, varying, and viral. Without us being aware of it, vocabulary and style of writing can become common in different cultures, whether that culture be a domain of science on Twitter, an industry, or a family. There are... Read more

Extract Gzip from an Archive in Python Yo’ dawg, I heard you like archives, so I put some tar.gz in your tar so you can extract archives from your archives! This isn’t incredibly mindblowing, but I was tickled when I discovered today that I could untar a... Read more

The Sarcastic, Colorful Quote Generator Sometimes we just need to write ludicrous things inside of a box. In this case, we have a double box! It’s a text box inside of a linux container (box) and done via a command line tool called boxes. Wait,... Read more

Building Singularity Containers on GitLab-CI Today I’m happy to announce a Thanksgiving special treat for Singularity and GitLab users! The robots and I have listened to your requests for a GitLab CI template, and had a fun weekend exploring using GitLab for the first time.... Read more