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I am a Research Software Engineer for Stanford Research Computing and an active dinosaur in the open source community. I specialize in system engineering, infrastructure development, and data processing for computational analyses and workflows. I am the primary developer at Stanford for Singularity Hub, the open source Experiment Factory, Dinosaur Datasets, Research Computing Lessons, and the HelpMe and WatchMe command line clients. I also founded and run Research Software Engineering Services at Stanford University, along with creating and producing the RSE Stories podcast.

Right now, I'm really excited about two open source projects that I'm leading centered around continuous integration, and data organization and specifications. They are the OpenBases, templates that use Github+CircleCI for easy, reproducible research, and OpenSchemas, a set of tools to interact with and develop specifications for schema.org. I want to make generation of reproducible things fun, and easy, and for data to be organization and beautifully searchable. I hope that you might reach out to contribute!

With my robot team, I am also lead developer of Singularity Registry, the Scientific Filesystem, and Container Tools, all tooling optimized for deployment of container-based workflows and "science as a service" capabilities. The list of software that I maintain has gotten too large for a biography, so I recommend that you reference my work page or just view my activity on GitHub

As a graduate student my work spanned computer science, medicine, and imaging. I was a proud member of the Poldrack Lab at Stanford. Our work spanned neuro-informatics, cognitive neuroscience, and reproducibility. I was introduced to the domain of neuroimaging as an RA in the Laboratory of Neurogenetics at Duke University working under Ahmad Hariri.

The qualities of experience that are most fulfilling to me are making things work, organizing and understanding new processes, and creating efficiency and beauty in design. I love learning, programming and debugging, and I have vision for how I want the future to be. I am adamant about pursuing the things that make me happy, today and now. A successful life means confidence in a future vision and happiness in the present.

While this is primarily a personal site, most of my life can be found on [github], and a general list of work under [portfolio]. If my open source work has been useful to you, or you want to better support the ecosystem, please consider sponsoring this dinosaur! Contact information and is available upon request.

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