Install CiteLang

Install citelang from pypi:

$ pip install citelang

or development from the code:

$ git clone
$ cd citelang
$ pip install -e .


To see full details about how citelang is tested, see .github/workflows. To quickly test the library locally, you’ll need to do a full install (badge generation libraries included) and bs4 for testing GitHub dependencies:

$ pip install -e .[all]
$ pip install bs4

It’s recommended (but not required) for tests that you have a API key exported. If you don’t, the client will sleep while the API limit is exceeded (the test will appear to pause).

export CITELANG_LIBRARIES_KEY=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

And then after that, and when you have citelang on your path:

$ cd citelang/tests
$ /bin/bash
$ pytest test_*.py

Next check out the User Guide pages for more detail to use the library.