What is HelpMe?#

HelpMe is a command line tool that serves one purpose - to connect you to a resource to get help. Whether you are on your local cluster and need to submit a ticket to your Research Computing Support, or your laptop and looking to post an issue to Github, HelpMe can help you do that.

Why would I use a command line?#

Scientific programming lives on a command line, as do many of the issues that arise when doing it. Moving from the command line where an issue arises to opening a browser, navigating to a page, and typing into a box, is many extra clicks and the separation from where the original issue occurred means there is a dependency on us to properly articulate our issue. HelpMe records a session directly in your terminal to easily and quickly send your request for help along with an actual capture of it.

What is a helper?#

A helper is a backend plugin that is installed that you can configure to use with HelpMe. Examples are Uservoice and Github.

How do I contribute a new helper?#

You can read about the steps in our developers pages.

Who is responsible for this?#

HelpMe is a tool developed by @vsoch at the Stanford University Research Computer Center.