What are the Research Computing Lessons?#

This is a small knowledge base of questions, answers, and associated media to get you up to speed with reproducible practices for research computing.

Why were they created?#

There are a lot of nice interfaces, but scientific programming still lives on a command line. If you are a new graduate student with expertise in a biological domain, it’s sometimes expected for you to have expertise in scientific programming. It’s not always the case that departments provide this training for you.

What can I learn?#

These lessons are bite sized, meaning that they will typically be short tutorials under a larger topic that shows you how to do one simple thing.

What if my question isn't answered?#

First check the list of questions that are on the queue to be added! If you want to request a tutorial, a different example, or a person to talk to, please open an issue.

How do I contribute?#

You can read about the steps in our contribution pages.

Who is responsible for this?#

The lessons are maintained by @vsoch and other open source contributors.