Here is Thursday’s run:

I’m drooling already… Newton is so gorgeous, and I love riding the far branches of the T! (It gets crowded as you move in :P)

here was today’s run… I wound up missing the loop turn and going a bit farther than expected… it was a tempo so it was short, fast, and sweet, about 4 miles.

here was yesterday’s PLANNED run

and the ACTUAL run (doh! wrong turn… who has two roads going off of the same street with the same name anyway?!) Believe it or not, the second one is about a mile longer…

and here’s tomorrow’s run…

and Thursday I’ll either go long in the morning or someone might just run with me from work to the intern get together… werd!

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Sochat, Vanessa. "You Run Girl!!." @vsoch (blog), 23 Jul 2007, (accessed 04 Feb 24).