Hey old Spanish buddies!

I just put Cita Ciega up… MAN was that a long video… it took 5 uploads total! You guys are great for dealing with me and my ridiculously long script :) Anyhoo here it is…

Let me know if anything doesn’t work or play right. I still think the funniest parts are the tennis scene for the first date with the pregnant lady with me and Vasta, Vasta as Pequeno Yo with Victoria, and Yin y Yoo at the end.

OH and the commercials are great too hehe.

Hope you guys are doing well! I miss our Spanish antics… keep in touch!

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "Cita Ciega." @vsoch (blog), 22 May 2007, https://vsoch.github.io/2007/cita-ciega/ (accessed 16 Apr 24).