In honor of my final exam in T-minus 2 hours, I thought that I’d paraphrase something from my textbook. I haven’t opened it in a while, but I wrote this down because it’s the sort of idea I’d latch onto and want to write about it. I’m going to nix the writing this time, so you can enjoy thinking about this yourself.


When we have less time ahead of us we tend to place a higher value on emotional intimacy than on learning more about the world.

I’m not sure. Generally, maybe yes? But I’ve observed the complete opposite! Maybe it was just hidden.

Happy final exams! After this final I’m fairly certain I’ll be overwhelmed with the desire to run around the quad in joyful frolick and at the same time really sad that this class is ending. Ah, the richness of emotion.

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Sochat, Vanessa. "Final Tidbit." @vsoch (blog), 07 Aug 2008, (accessed 16 Apr 24).