Gum + Novelty = Gumovelty! I’m convinced that the most successful gum companies are the best at finding the most cost effective way to consistently release new flavors or make the ones they already have look different. I tend to buy the same trusty gum brands and specific flavors over and over, but AH! a new package! Of course I’ll try it, and when everyone does that? Ca-ching!

Ice cube trays and friendship: we may think that bigger is better in taking some cubes and not having to refill it then and there, but in doing so you turf responsibility for filling it, so the next time someone needs it there is a higher probability of being a few too short. Then the mindset changes from €œI can’t believe (other person) didn’t refill this! to “oh, I used up the cubes, I’m going to do my job and feel good about myself being a good friend and refilling what I used.” Since a tray is a “one shot of water fills all” sort of thing, if it was a smaller size and we just used the whole thing and refilled it every time, that would eliminate turfing filling responsibility, and losing friends.

Theres no way to be human without other people Think about this as you peruse Facebook, inflate your self-importance with every email, and feel so “connected” to everything. The next successful online social network might actually figure out how to really bring people together.

When things start to run out, or we are aware of an “end” point, that’s when we start to ration and appreciate them more. Can’t we say the same about life?

I’ve had some more well thought out ideas on my mind recently, but it’s gotten to that point in the semester when the game switches from us being here to learn and enjoy that – to us being here to be evaluated, and so I’ve been using my time to prepare for that. You could make a metaphor with running – you might love running and training, but the dynamic and how you feel about it completely changes when you know that a race is upon you. Funny thing I find though is that many times I both run faster and enjoy it more in absence of a race.

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