In three days I will graduate, and in three days I will probably be seeing a lot of people for the last time, at least as familiar friends… because the next time will most likely be for a quick moment at some future reunion, and it won’t really be the same. That is the nature of life. In that mindset, I’d like to say some final things. I ‘m a lot more articulate with key than with word, making this note my expression of choice. Here goes.

My time here has ended wonderfully, been challenging at times, and I am most grateful for the things that I have learned about myself, and the questions that this environment elicited in me that might still need answers. I came here as a sophomore knowing absolutely no one, a large feat given the size and plastic-wrapped nature of this institution. I’ve many a times said that, in retrospect, I would not have transferred, and from an academic standpoint and examination of the large social structure, perhaps this is true. But when I zoom in to the people that I have come to care about here, I am certain that coming here has only broadened and enlivened my life.

I am grateful for the people that have made my experience very rich, the professors that have challenged me, and the few that were there for me during some of the harder times. My early to bed – early to rise and tendency to be introverted make me a more challenging friend to keep, and I am so grateful to you guys that consistently poked me to keep the connection strong.

To all of my friends: When I think back to my time at Duke, I’m going to remember Sitar Sundays, Crowell being the best and baddest dorm with a pimp RA crew, the many times I wrinkled my nose or teared from laughing so hard, baking like a wild woman at Smart Home, and all seemingly insignificant number of times that we ate out and bonded over chicken, awkward waiters, and discussion about… oh you know 😛

Memories are of a nature that they don’t store in complete sentences or images, so that is how I will share them, in a mental burp, one thing leading to the next. I’ll probably add to this as I think of good memories, but here is a start.

1) TWINS!!! First gergz and BG, and now Ravi and Jayson backpack twins.
2) The Grants… potench. potench.
3) Ravi’s sweet-ass car… (or might I say, sweet ass-car, hehe), many walks to and from the Blue Zone, somehow getting 4 people across the backseat and to the destination like cozy sardines.
4) Gergz magoo and his love of shredded wheat. 2nd dinner, 3rd dinner, you know.. shooshoopeedoo!
5) Bryan and Gergz monopolizing the name game with characters from Bleach… yeaaah!
6) How everyone always got rotisserie chicken with two sides, and Greg scammed them to get an extra one, and I never could do it.
7) Rhut’s awesomely dry and direct sense of humor, and thanks for giving me proper instructions about crossing my legs when I’m wearing a dress, hehe.
8) Bryan flexing at the most unexpected, and completely funny times with appropriate facial expressions
9) Andy, Lo Lo!
10) Class with Ken, BG, and Z Spring of sophomore year, making little cute Flash videos and finding excuses to watch random stuff on YouTube in class. Nice!
12) CanIhaveitCanIhaveit?
13) My one crazy dance night at Parizade – I might never be able to stay up that late again, but man, that was fun.
14) Phil doing the night elf dance on top of the arts warehouse, ftw!
15) Niiiiiice!
16) Sash, Phil, and Raffi, we had some amazing times in ISIS, like, everyday was awesome! Ghost ride tha whip, yo!
17) Z – Sapachi! I’ll just say it… we were badass! And it was really fun. I’m really excited for you about that company you will be working for… their logo is incredibly cute, and on that observation alone I think it’s going to be a hit!
18) Link! Ravi, the few times that I went to the link to join you studying. It was a push for me, because libraries are frightening, but I got to see your determination and work ethic. I’m never going to forget Plowbear, or how easily you laughed and made everyone feel good. I really look up to you for your ability to find balance.
19) Congyi, creme brulee. and FIRE!
20) Mark, Rui, and Mia… and the amazing 3 day video project-that-probably-needed-3-months, and we still rocked it.
21) Thanksgiving at Smart Home, best of my life! PIE DAY! and Salssaaaa!
22) Disney movies, Scrubs, and thai food with Preeyanka and Jo, and cooking to music and not being afraid to belt it out!
23) Ying-ying always finding time to join the crew, and I will be forever grateful for letting me borrow those dresses!
24) Threadless T-shirts, Fail blog, TED talks, and thisiswhyyourfat blog rock my world.
25) Life conversations with Percy while I pedaled and talked away, making him yet again late for swim class.
26) Duck sauce from Panda Express, ty Jason for bringing me it special! And thank you for always giving me a call to grab dinner, and pushing me to leave my little introverted shell to have some amazing experience I wouldn’t have otherwise had! You’ve been a great friend, you’re a great listener, and you’re going to be an exceptional doctor! :)
27) My birthday celebration at the Loop, surrounded by good friends
28) The infamous walk back from central the night of parizade, coming up with clever phrases for the YouTube video… “my $#%@, variet-ee bucket… your @#%#, chick-en nugget!”
29) Bryan’s big stomach, and that turd waiter that stole my dinner. Z, thanks for standing up for me!
30) Gingerbread house making event. Megan, your house was lovely. Jason made a tower that looked like it came from a five year old, and Mark and Tim went for the train that looked like a phallic symbol, hehe
31) How no matter where we go, Torero’s always wins.
32) Dayo I’m-a-big-boy!!! getting surprised to run into you at Brugger’s and having good conversation that always brightened my day before class!
33) Ravi’s super room fan, ftw!
34) Andy’s sweet apartment for hosting dinners… with lasagna and pancakes. I’ve never seen such a large bag of pancake mix.
35) The passing of the RA room from Sarah to Jason, and how my first room in Crowell when they moved me there Spring of sophomore year used to be the empty hankypanky room. haha.
36) Mario Kart and Ping Pong at Rhut, BG, Matt, and Z’s house.
37) Cereal with Kiril, always fantastic. Kiril, you put so much energy into us, and deserved so much more than a cake! You are the BEST GR on campus, hands down!
38) The wine tasting… hehe.
39) Jason telling Ravi he has beautiful eyes, and Ravi saying “shh not here!”
40) The back of yo’ head is ridikulus
41) Trevor and Menelik’s hot wing challenge at Chai’s. That… was… sticky!
42) Dinner and pool with Matt’s family… Matt, I love your family! And always feeling like I was in my family’s car when we cruised in the Sienna van.
43) Steph! All the times you visited were fun, hello kitty and culinary appreciation ftw!
45) Yod 😛

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