Spiders: There was a huge black spider that made his home, apparently in less than a day, in my bathtub. While I have no problem with spiders normally, even in my apartment, this just crosses the line. Said spider is now, I am content to report, a spider pancake.

Coffee: Dunkin Donuts has the best coffee lid design, hands down. The car can jump and bump around to its little engine’s content and the coffee will not spill one drop. The seal between the plastic and the foam is also tight. Any other open lid, however, will spill a little puddle of coffee on the top, and will leak out the tiny space between the paper seam on the cup and the lid. This makes me very pissed at my coffee.

Staring: If you stare at me while I’m working and it’s not welcome, I’ll first do my best to ignore you. Then I reserve all rights to glare you down until you feel just as violated by my gaze as I did by yours.

Exploring: The world is no longer conducive to people with my personality type, what I would call an explorer. I have just the right amount of what I call “rational” risk-taking and curiosity to always want to expand my mental map, the endurance to do it, and the comfort to go for long rates just being with myself. There is very little left (maybe minus under the sea) to explore, so the world is no longer my oyster.

Sleep: The sun rises around 6 AM. Why people don’t wake up with (or slightly before) the sun, and instead choose to adapt to a pattern of staying up like night gremlins until god knows when, I will never understand. We’re supposed to be awake when it’s light out, and sleep when it’s dark, and that’s what makes sense to me.

Independence: Feels better than anything and everything. Working, running, and maintaining a solid routine makes me very happy. Research is indeed the best avenue for the more intellectual, quiet, and thoughtful of our species to feel like a part of something fantastic, to feel the satisfaction of helping the world in a big way, and to feed the eternal intellectual hunger that lives in the mind.

Things: The Spongebob watch for $10.99 at Kroger, I’ve been seeing it for quite some time now, and I want it more than anything. I like to stop and pick it up, imagine it on my wrist. But you know what? Wanting it is a lot more exciting than having it. Imagining owning it, and what that would feel like, and always having the possibility of making those dreams a reality, makes life unpredictable, rich, and hopeful. The second the fantasy becomes a reality, all of that is lost. The same could be said about relationships, goals, and romance.

Places: I don’t feel much excitement about these so called “vacations,” or “roadtrips” or “traveling.” I like a quick day jaunt to go for an exploratory run, but I know that I’ll always be happiest where I am right here, right now. Because no matter where you go, there you are, and expecting that the quality of your daily experience might change “if you only could go there, or have this” is going to lead to a life of chronically anticipating a future moment, and never getting there. So find a place, make some little roots, and bask in your sun.

Time for some work… Cheers! Happy Sunday 😀

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