I saw a tall, cylindrical jar of mustard on the side of the road. It wasn’t even hidden amongst the road weeds, it was just directly on the road. It had to have been a fancy kind of mustard, because only specialty kinds come in that sort of jar. Someone must be missing their mustard.

I also found a small electrical circuit in the Duke Forest. It is basically two small bulbs hooked up to a chip with room for three batteries. I picked it up and carried it with me for the rest of my 8 miles. I played with the wires a bit, found some batteries lying around, and with a little prodding one of the lights came on. It was one of those intensely white lights that is tiny but could light up an entire road. I took it for one of my 4:00am runs, just for fun. I carried it in my left hand, enclosed like a magical bug trying to get out. I imagined that when cars drove by it looked like my hand was emitting light. Maybe they would be spooked out by the person running through the darkness with a glowing hand.

I let the Dell tech walk me through a recent OS reinstall that I did, however it was marginally awkward since I knew everything to do, but had to play along that I didn’t. I really just wanted to see what he had to say about the chipset that we installed. He didn’t say much, but he did forget about 3 essential drivers that I had to go back and find. And it was really fun when, mid-conversation, his entire computer decided to shut down and he was rendered sort of helpless. Poor tech guy! These guys are usually very sharp, but it can be hard to forget that they too are human beings in front of a computer, just like you and me. Either way, I will always have a soft spot in my heart for the Dell Tech Support.

I watched some of a show called “The Hills” and was very bored. It was really strange how these girls could have aspirations that were completely about obtaining status in a superficial world of fashion. And how they were rendered useless without a boyfriend. I use the term “aspirations” loosely since most of the characters are of the mindset that school sucks, partying is grand, and social status and money are the all encompassing goal. The type of work they did for their internships included stuffing event invitation envelopes, standing and guarding a couch at a party, answering phones, and order supplies for social events. That might make sense given that the job on the higher level would be appealing, but it’s essentially the same thing with slightly more power. I would die due to brain boredom. But maybe I shouldn’t speak poorly of something just because I don’t understand it. But I do wonder what occupies their thoughts, and why do they all have Farrah Fawcett floppy long blond hair, and this weirdly chill, drama-infused demeanor?

I decided this week that I’d like to declare an official war against fruit flies. Those little, nasty bug eyed creeps that spontaneously generate out of nothing – I’m after you!!

I’ve finally done away with GoDaddy for my domain – it’s the worst domain and site host that I’ve ever encountered in my 23 years. I’m happily hopping over to Bluehost, which is reliable, has great customer service, and intuitive. Perhaps GoDaddy needed a race car driver for their advertising to distract customers from the lameness, slowness, and unacceptably patchy service.

And lastly, I found a new freckle today, on my palm, of all places! Perhaps one day I will be beautiful and speckled!

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