Vibrance and rapture, epiphany and sound
Gummy and splendor, elegance and bound
Constant in motion, mind in a whirl
Responsibility of a woman, heart of a girl

Glowing the night lamp, hard fall the eyes
Gentacular hum of the heater subside
Blanket the darkness, creep out the mind
Uncover that which to day is blind

Enveloped by passion, research abound
No chance to pause, no heart to be found

But near draw the night, a moment of clear
Escape from the heart a memory so dear
Four years past, sunshine and snow
Imprinted in memory, a face does not go

Quiet in weakness, imprinted by heart
Destined to find, and be jostled apart
A chance of a voice, a hint of a scent
Painful to suppress that which is meant

Never again, vows before dream
Comfort in one, spot, bed, and seam
Anew springs the day, no time to feel
Covered up gently, this Achilles heel

Stronger to face, resilient to go
Naive to unwilling, I never shall know
Sunsets in play, day night and sky
That which is strong wrenching to cry

Burgeon my senses, mind, soul and heart
loving you forever, though forever apart

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "Once and Forever." @vsoch (blog), 01 Aug 2010, (accessed 16 Apr 24).