This is an episode of the Brain Podcast that interviews Temple Grandin, and it’s good enough that I want to share:

Interview: Temple Grandin

I listened to it a few days ago, but the points that stuck out as interesting to me were:

  • Dr. Grandin says that ASD is heterogenous in almost every regard except for one common factor, social deficits
  • She thinks a logical way to diagnose would be using fMRI, specifically looking at these social networks, because ASD is different in every other regard
  • She thinks that an approach that uses specific traits (eg, sensitivity to touch, sound, yes or no) over clumping ASD into one group makes most sense (I agree!)

Dr. Grandin also gives very interesting details about her personal experiences, research, and perception of the world.  It’s a good talk, and you should listen.

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "Brain Podcast with Temple Grandin." @vsoch (blog), 23 Aug 2013, (accessed 12 Jun 24).