You got away from me, my screen-ounette!
A careful melody of consistent characters
A little puddle of pretty print
A trailing list of timid text
And then frozen.

I didn’t know what to do, my screen-ounette!
Like a frozen flash of green fury!
Like a ridiculous racing of red!
Like an arbitrage of ardent artichokes!
The sharpness bit.

I am detached, but you tell me that is not the case?
“screen -ls”

There is a screen on:
29568.pts-5.screen-ounette (Attached)
1 Socket in /var/run/screen/S-vsochat.

WHY is the word “Attached” filling your status space?!

“screen -r” …  
 Lord, mercy, please! respond to my copy paste!

screen -r 29568.pts-5.screen-ounette
There is no screen to be resumed matching 29568.pts-5.screen-ounette


But then I found you again, my screen-ounette!  
 It was an extra letter that I did not set:

screen -D -r 29568.pts-5.screen-ounette

And we are together again, screen-ounette!!!  
And my happiness quota is again well set :)


If you didn’t catch it, in the case that you lose connection while in a screen, and when you restore the connection the screen is listed as “Attached” (and it isn’t) the fix is this command:

screen -D -r 29568.pts-5.screen-ounette

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "My Screen-ounette!." @vsoch (blog), 16 Oct 2014, (accessed 16 Apr 24).