Before the light of this evening
Into a memory does wane
I would like to share a sentiment
for Brother and Jane

The nostalgia within us all
on this fifth of September
is not entirely in this moment
but in the things we remember

We step in and out of ourselves
Like an old pair of shoes
And the biggest insight to life may be
that our happiness we do so chose

When Brother was small
A curly haired Matthew
Not much taller than a hip
and I called him Cashew

With imagination we built
tiny ships out of paper
he had a slight head tilt
he was rice and cheese caper

We lived in our heads
and that made adolesence hard
Brother receded into himself
put up an emotional guard

It was ten years later
during college at UMASS
when he grew into himself
and I realized this time had passed

And then he went to Spain
and interpret how you will this sign
Brother became a debonnaire
and developed a taste for red wine

And during his time in med school
a memory not mine but true
Brother laid eyes on the lovely Jane
and thought, “I choose you.”

And such happiness in my heart
to see this love unfold
such joy in my family
for this story to be told

And it is not something to fear
to grow up and old
because destiny is not decided
But rather foretold

I love you so much,
From fire start to fading embre
Remember, remember, the fifth of September

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "For Brother and Jane." @vsoch (blog), 05 Sep 2015, (accessed 16 Apr 24).