the weeks cycled in eights toward those black and blue scars
such weakness sought sustenance in fish and packets of ghee
what cannot be seen in density sure must reveal in bars
the square plates were four but might as well been three

the end of one direction awaits a house setting by sun
power never does last when the shot does not be
legs behind wheels remembering the memory of the run
one if by laugh, two in note C

the elegant cricket from the page questioning to be free
the machine learning clock hesiates in tandem to four
but now it is eight when these eyes are glazing to see
forever queue this name, forever | more

the lift is so cold, it does not go so high
surrounded by absence of everything but ground
searching for others, loneliness comes with a sigh
for that chilhood sundog, if only to be found

the relief of an unexpected, catastrophic split
the hydrogel did split cleanly down to two
with grandpa draw-ties to happily sit
with no sharpness, the dress doesn’t have to be blue

floating on air, lovely those dreams
stay here forever there is not one but two
companionship found in the most unexpected way
take care of you forever I will most certainly do

exhaustion is the border of beauty and fulfillment
stopping is the choice between devotion and me
when decision has no barrier to instillment
from this it can be found a driving to be

I could not change but I certainly can
the gentle comfort of routine I will unravel
baby steps, a new and reasonable plan
from the inner locking of this mind, I travel

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "I Can Change." @vsoch (blog), 10 Mar 2015, (accessed 16 Apr 24).