Thirty days hath September
for as long as I remember
until next year, at thirty one,
What things may duly come?

My preponderance prodded at the Dish,
why Vanessasaur, what do you wish?
Thoughts climbing slopes, far up and down
from the foothills side, back toward town.

First came hopes, lithe and fun!
Always starting and never done
Always gaining and never won
Should I quicker jump, or faster run?

Followed by fears, meek and shy
Sometimes cunning, never spry
Religiously truthful, will not lie
Can I evade darkness before I die?

Quick in tow was love and heart
Forever caring, emotionally smart
Always defeated yet finding start
Might I surpass ego to play my part?

Last came dream, fickle and sweet,
Traversing muddy forest, stinky feet!
Falling constantly, never to defeat
Will I traverse mountains, promises keep?

I thought long and hard
about what I might expect
I imagined every card,
that fate keeps in her deck

Thirty years this September
that’s as long as I remember
For future passed and what may come
Ask me when I’m thirty one :)

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "Thirty Days Hath September." @vsoch (blog), 19 Sep 2016, (accessed 04 Feb 24).