Nobody ever goes in… and nobody ever comes out.

I’m pleased to share that I’ve been working on a new alpha version of The Experiment Factory, completely redone to deploy “Reproducible Experiment Containers.” It’s a beautiful combination of Singularity’s new ability to run container services, and an internal organizational format I came up with called “The Standard Container Integration Format (SCIF). This was a project I started for fun at the end of my graduate career, and despite an unexpected publication, it always felt incomplete because it did not benefit the community outside of my lab. I was disappointed in myself for not doing it right, and promised myself I would make it right.

When I graduated and started working on Singularity I knew the direction I wanted to take Experiment Factory, but the development of the software was not far enough along to support it. I also had hopes that possibly the current maintainers would take it in a better direction. But after years of hoping, and much development from our Singularity team, I did what I commonly do. When you want something to be a certain way, you just do it. And now we are ready to bring Expfactory back to life! I’m looking for testing, and importantly, feedback about what you want and need:


If you collect behavioral data, please provide feedback at the repositories linked to give details about your use case. My plan is to respond to feedback (likely meaning addition of customization to the application), and then migration of all legacy experiments, and then reaching out to the larger community. Woohoo!

tiny little pieces… assembled for behavioral science.


Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "The Experiment Factory (v2.0) Alpha." @vsoch (blog), 07 Nov 2017, https://vsoch.github.io/2017/expfactory/ (accessed 12 May 24).