There’s a tiny hurt
That lives in my heart
and never do I let him out
Because of the trouble that he might start

But that tiny hurt
he emerges once or twice a year
sometimes it is random
or some days that I know to fear

He expands outward filling my chest
with a feeling of pain,
a feeling of sorrow,
A feeling of unrest

Because that pain, is the absence of you
That pain is me remembering your joy
and now not knowing
what to do

It is seeing your face
that I never knew
It is feeling your grace
that gave me life anew

When I hear your voice
I am filled with life
I can overcome any choice
I can conquer any strife

But then in the pause
of the evening light
I am a rebel without cause
A fighter without might

I know I’ll miss you forever
But me? I am split in two.
Perhaps my greatest endeavor
has been bravely loving you.

There is a tiny hurt
That lives in my heart
I wish I could evict him
But then we’d be worlds apart.

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "The Tiny Hurt." @vsoch (blog), 23 Dec 2023, (accessed 12 Jun 24).