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Welcome to MkDocs Jekyll

This is a starter template for a mkdocs jekyll theme.



GitHub pages uses Jekyll natively, so when I make documentation, I typically look for Jekyll templates. Why? Using Jekyll means that I can use markdown, and allow for users to easily contribute, and build automatically just by way of pushing to a master branch (or general GitHub pages). I’ve liked MkDocs in the past, but it required me to use a special renderer. I also felt limited in my ability to customize it. The same is true for mkdocs material. It’s absolutely gorgeous, but was not suited for my GitHub pages and customization needs. For this reason, I’ve spent some time creating a custom Jekyll template that is (almost) as beautiful, and includes all the features that I might want.


What are these features? You should see the Getting Started

guide for a complete summary. Briefly:

  • User interaction including consistent permalinks, links to ask questions via GitHub issues, and edit the file on GitHub directly.
  • Search across posts, documentation, and other site pages, with an ability to exclude from search.
  • External Search meaning an ability to link any page tag to trigger an external search.
  • Documentation A documentation collection that was easy to organize on the filesystem, render with nested headings for the user, and refer to in markdown.
  • Pages A separate folder for more traditional pages (e.g, about).
  • Navigation: Control over the main navigation on the left of the page, and automatic generation of table of contents for each page on the right.
  • News A posts feed for news and updates, along with an archive (organized by year).
  • Templates or specifically, “includes” that make it easy to create an alert, documentation link, or other content.
  • Continuous Integration recipes to preview the site

For features, getting started with development, see the Getting Started page. Would you like to request a feature or contribute? Open an issue