Spatial Features

NameDescription# Features
nc_spatial_kurtosis Extracts the kurtosis of a spatial map, which describes how "normal" the distribution of values is. 1
nc_spatial_aal The number of activation voxels in each of 116 regions of the AAL atlas 116
nc_spatial_degreecluster To measure the spatial structure of a component, we calculate the top ten local maximum values, and then get cluster sizes for clusters with less than 50% overlap. We then take an average, a minimum, and a max. This script relies on MinimaMaxima3D.m, in 3
nc_spatial_nodedist We calculate the average distance between the 10 most highly connected nodes, and the average Z score for these nodes. 2
nc_spatial_entropy Spatial entropy measures the spatial content of a spatial distribution. A narrow distribution means less spatial entropy. 1
nc_spatial_mirror The percentage of mirrored voxels (as a percentage of all activation) 1
nc_spatial_skewness Skewness gets at the extent to which a distribution leans to the left or right of the mean 1
nc_spatial_tissues Percentage of total voxels in component spatial map that are of a matter type, or within a regional mask 10