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Hi, I'm VanessaSaurus, a Software Engineer.
Building tools, containers, and cloudy things, with a penchant for Python and parsnips. -- about me


Discovering Parts of Composite Parts Welcome to the universe of parts! Here we have “Parts,” or sequences of letters, and “Composite Parts,” or combined Parts, each with an ordering and direction. If you can’t tell, these are sequences. I’m not a biologist, so I apologize... Read more

Inspect Singularity SIF with Web Assembly Today I woke up and decided that I wanted to load a container in the browser. I’ve thrown around this idea for years - back in 2017 I created Singularity Nginx that would load and interact with a container via... Read more

Discourse Contribution Rankings with Ruby We’ve recently been interested in coming up with ways to improve user interaction for AskCI. Specifically, we have a “Question of the Week” that we intended to use to engage users, but historically it doesn’t seem to encourage much participation.... Read more

Shower Mishaps As soon as eyes close, and water hits face My internal sense of direction is catapult to space. Spinning and soapy, slick as mole rat, Some omniscient Mom God is shaking her head at that. I fall through the mist,... Read more