Oh, hey.
Are you Joe?
-I am Joe
-No, just Joe.

Wanna go?
-I don’t know.
-Is there snow?
If we go…
-Still don’t know.
-A show?
Oh yeah, bro.
Like cello?
But you’ll need dough.
-I prefer pho.
-Sometimes roe.
Here or to go?
-Just the pho.
Quid pro quo?
-Roe for pho?
Pho for roe.
-Probably no.

Hey Joe.
Do you like to sew?
-Only if I got dough.
Oh, so you want to go?
-High or low?
High. Like whoa.
-How do you know?
Looks like a Van Gogh.
-Oh, whoa.
-Like colorful flow?
A purple toe…
Swirling glow!
That’s Michaelangelo…
-Is he friend or foe?
Real, bro.
-Then you mean faux.
Definitely amigo.

Hey Joe.
Still don’t know?
-This computer is slow.
I totally know.
Behold and lo…
-Exception throw!
Did you commit, though?
-Not really, no.
Then pull, bro.
-I know, I know.
piss and moan
Why the show?
-Stack overflow!
Pancakes are so-so.
-Maple syrup, I bestow!
Tree farts, in tow!
-Hey I gotta fix this repo.
See you tomorrow?
-Yeah, I gotta go.

-Hey, bro.
-So so…
-Do YOU wanna go?
Who should we ask? I wouldn’t know.
-Maybe that crow?
Edgar Allen Po!
-That’s a raven, bro.
I prefer Henry David Thoreau
-“Who could not with his beams e’er melt me so”
Wow, super pro!
-I know :)
He wrote that ages ago…
-Should have used accasciato…
I don’t follow?
-Melts better, you know.
Henry!! Nomnom… No?
-No. I already said, I like pho.
I know, I know.

Hey, Joe.
-I feel sorrow.
How so?
-Kinda hollow.
An emotional blow?
Like ten to zero?
-Yeah I think so.
-I gotta follow.
That’s a good motto.
-No, it’s heart bro.
We’ll miss you, you know.
-Yeah, it’s time to go.
Where to, Joe?
-Grad school, ho!
-You wanna go?
Like yesterday’s fro!
-Let’s go!
Thought ya’d never say so :)

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