Twas the day before Mom came, and all through the house,
The windows begged to be cleaned, the sink properly doused.
Vanessa’s sneakers sat by the door with care,
Left beside right, because feet do not share.

The ice cubes were nestled all snug in their trays,
Ready to give Mom icy cold drinks for days
The bike out with girl, and I parked far away,
to have my own parking spot, I dreamed of the day.

When far on Cal Ave, there arose such a clatter,
the cars all flashed their lights to see what was the matter.
Down to the corner I creeped like a bug
careful to not disturb dasboard, tiny car rug.

The bikes coming fast on the freshly paved ground,
Anointed the air with a spinning wheel sound.
When, they passed, my eyes could not obstain
gazing on the newly arrived Caltrain!

Out hopped a funny lady, with small bones and palm,
I knew in a moment, why it must be Mom!
More swiftly than gazelle, she pulled out her phone.
and started navigation to Vanessa’s home.

Now Siri, Now Siri,
Left turn, and stop!
Now Siri? Now Siri?
On Cal Ave! On shop!
To the end of the way!
To the top of the day!
Onward to this mall
Now walk away, walk away,
Walk away all!

As the suitcases that wheel as their owners do fly,
charging down the sidewalk they went, not even shy
so toward the house with a mission they flew
to deliver the touch of the Mom hand, they would do.

And then in the key hole, I heard a small click
And opened the door without even a stick!
As I peeked a bit closer to look in the crack,
Mom opened the fridge toward her avocado snack!

She was dressed in all purple, from head to her toe
covered in paint, as an artist would know.
A bundle of things she brought in her purse,
ready for any hurricane, spell, or curse.

Her eyes, a greenish hue that looked up and down,
her cute Mommy self, so huggably round!
Her poofed little hair was squashed by a hat,
Her chest enormous, compared to Vanessa so flat
A high powered laptop she held in her clutch,
for World of Warcraft, internet browsing, and such.
Her Mary Jane shoesies were purple and snug
carrying the all powerful, the all healing, Mommy hug.

She was perfectly Vanessa, some things to a T!
I laughed a bit, and out slipped an oil pee.
A smile turned her lips and a quick start to work
I knew that I need not worry or lurk.

She had a licorice candy, and flew around the place.
Not a hairball, or pillow to find out of place.
And finished her blessing, she turned like a top
And walked straight out, to the nearest coffee shop.

Cafe Bustelo, she asked for distinctly.
And a mediocre latte she was given succinctly.
But I heard her exclaim, as she left with a strut,
“Now is time to find, Vanessa turkey butt!”

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "The Day Before Mom Came." @vsoch (blog), 19 Aug 2015, (accessed 12 May 24).