Tangled and fiery, you know his kind
Intensity and anguish burns his mind
Darkly focused, inexorably lucid
Barraging loves, timidly elusive
The velvet stallion, charging by day
Barraging loves, barrier you away.

A swirling of desire caught in his eye
Witty and fickle, but secretly shy
A single glance, you enveloped inside
A yearning of intense unforgiving stride
He dances the mountains, hoping for you
He clenches the wind, to hear what to do

A parcel of dream new in his soul
Painful and tickle, confusing his goal
His passion is nausea, uneasy at best
His lucid dream, presenting without rest
The unrelenting yearning that brings a scar
The trickling wanting, to know where you are

Atop of the world, heart racing with pain
The landscape he dominates, whispering a claim
It is not lust, sexual, or cognitively clear
why he shall never be rested without you near
Tamed he will not be, to pause in his stride
but to fit into your space, he shall abide.

Tentative and cautious, proceed in your course
to have captured the spirit of this velveteen horse
His moment of clarity, in the quiet of his mind
he is infinitely connected to you, your subtle sign
A passion so wired, twisty, and deep
in his heart forever, you he will keep.


Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "The Velvet Stallion." @vsoch (blog), 03 Jan 2015, https://vsoch.github.io/2015/the-velvet-stallion/ (accessed 16 Apr 24).