In this one shot wonder, I give a quick rundown of the HelpMe command line client, for use with the recently upgraded Discourse board! This means that you can post a question to Discourse without leaving your command line, including:

  1. A whitelisted environment
  2. A terminal recording
  3. A title and description of your issue

And all gets uploaded without needing to leave the command line, and without you needing to worry about copy pasting or taking a screen shot.

HelpMe Discourse!

And without further adieu… here is the unfortunate result of me struggle-bussing with video editing software:


If you want to install locally:

pip install helpme[discourse]

or on your cluster, where you are just a tiny, lacking permissions user:

pip install helpme[discourse] --user

or shell into a Docker container on your local machine to generate the token instead:

docker run -it --entrypoint bash vanessa/helpme

And remember, for the Docker container you need to save the discourse token that is generated in your (root’s) home:

/root/.helpme/helpme.cfg -> $HOME/helpme.cfg

My computer was way low on memory so it pooped out in several spots, and I tried to either edit out or fill in with the missing words. Hey, I say it’s beautiful in its imperfection :) I’m too stubborn to do a take two so this is what we are left with :)


For more details (help!), see the repository, and if you run into any issues please post an issue.

Suggested Citation:
Sochat, Vanessa. "HelpMe Discourse You're My Only Hope...." @vsoch (blog), 22 Jan 2019, (accessed 04 Feb 24).