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Background about FreeGenes before this application

Deployment backup

Deployment backup

Deployment - setting up https

How to configure https to work with your node


Setup, Install, and Deploy via Containers


Export data from the previous


Details and notes about models

Deployment setup

Deployment setup

Deployment start containers

Start containers to deploy your FreeGenes node

User Stories

User Stories and Interactions to help guide development

Views and URLs

Notes about the design of the interface, including urls and views.

A Nested Page

An example of a nested page


How to add interactive quizzes to your site.

Frequenty Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about FreeGenes

Getting Started

Getting started with FreeGenes


ldap-auth - Authentication against LDAP directories

pam-auth - Authentication with PAM

saml-auth - Shibboleth Authentication

A Nested Page

An example of a a nested page in a subfolder.

Admin Pages

FreeGenes administrative views

Using the API

The FreeGenes API allows for programmatic access to the server

Error Pages

FreeGenes has custom error pages


Basic usage of the FreeGenes Interface

Interacting with FreeGenes

A typical user might want to search, or create an order