QueueMe can be installed natively (python 3 recommended) with pip:

pip install qme

or via conda-forge:

conda install --channel conda-forge qme

or you can clone and install from source:

$ git clone https://github.com/vsoch/qme
$ cd qme
$ python setup.py install


$ pip install -e .

When you have installed qme, there will be an executable “qme” placed in your bin folder:

which qme

and you should be able to run the executable and see the usage. However, the basic install will not install a small number of extra dependencies needed for a more robust (even sqlite) database (requires sqlalchemy) or a web interface (requires Flask). To install these, the recommended install is to do:

pip install qme[database]
pip install -e .[database]

If you want to install the web interface, you’ll need flask and some extras. These can be installed with “app”:

pip install qme[app]
pip install -e .[app]

or just install all dependencies:

pip install qme[all]
pip install -e .[all]

If you have any questions or issues, please open an issue.