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Hi, I'm VanessaSaurus, a Software Engineer.
Building tools, containers, and cloudy things, with a penchant for Python and parsnips. -- about me


Living in my own World I’ve recently realized that to a large extent, I’ll always be somewhat of the lone wolf developer type. It’s not that there aren’t fun projects to work on or open source projects that are appreciative of contributions, or people that... Read more

Online Machine Learning Where do machine learning projects and web interfaces collide? If you are like me, you are used to a traditional “batch” style of machine learning - we start with big matrices of data (with some logical way to split into... Read more

Proposal Jekyll Template Would it be possible to make some kind of collaborative proposals interface on GitHub pages? This last week I was helping to draft proposals, and as they moved from the “rough Google Doc” state to a “we really would like... Read more