Let’s say that you have a container running, and it serves as a base to run scripts for your scientific analysis. You use QueueMe to run an interactive dashboard and that’s great, but you really need programmatic access to the outputs. How might you do that?

The QueueMe API

The dashboard also exposes a simple Restful API to the database! After you start the dashboard:

$ qme start

If you look at the bottom of the table, there is a small link to view the tasks api.


The first page you go to is for all tasks, and from there you can navigate to a particular taskid that is listed. You can browse to any of the /api endpoints to see all tasks, or a specific task. There are currently just two simple functions for this:

List Tasks

The default view (when you click API or go to /api/tasks is to see a listing of tasks:


List Executor Tasks

If you adjust the url (/api/tasks/executor/<name>) to specify a particular executor, you’ll see only those executor’s tasks.


Since all of our tasks use the shell executor, these two lists happen to be the same.

Get a Task by Taskid

Finally, to see any specific task (and it’s metadata) you can generally go to /api/tasks/<taskid>


If you’d like to see any other endpoints added, please open an issue.