WatchMe Python Client

What is WatchMe?

This is a simple tool to help you to reproducibly watch for changes in web content, system resources, or any task that you might provide to the software. While there are some (limited functionality) online resources that will help to track web content changes, there are three problems.

  1. It’s typically the case that you will be charged for more than a few pages
  2. It’s not appropriate for a research setting where you would want programmatical parsing
  3. The configuration of your watcher is not reproducible.

Thus, you should use this tool if you don’t want to pay for a service, want to generate a reproducible watching, want to monitor resources or similar on your host, or just prefer command line tools.

What is a watcher?

A watcher is a general helper to set regularly scheduled watching of things. By default, the software will watch for changes to one or more urls, and a second family of tasks (psutils) will help to monitor system resources (cpu, memory, temperature, fans, etc.) on your host.

Where do I go from here?

A good place to start is the getting started page.