Repository Examples

Here you can find example watcher repos:

For either of the above, you can easily install and activate the watcher to run on your machine! See here. For specific details about creating the watchers in question, see the README markdowns in the repositories.

Configuration Examples

The following example configurations are contributed by users over time. If you have an example to contribute, please open an issue to share it.

URL Watchers

The following are examples for URL watchers. In the following example, the user is using the get_url_selection task to extract a number (note the regular expression) from the text resulting from selecting the class .local-temp. For this version of WatchMe the User-Agent header was not automatically added, so he added it here as a header_* parameter.

url =
selection = .local-temp
get_text = true
func = get_url_selection
active = true
type = urls
regex = [0-9]+
header_user-agent = Mozilla/5.0